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a number of years ago, i was first introduced to essential oils and i had an instant love connection with their amazing AND POTENT plant magic!

the beautiful AND enticing scents, countless benefits, and holistic nature really spoke DEEPLY to my soUL, and i've been a die hard oil fan ever since. this led me to choose aromatherapy (obviously!) as an elective course with my yoga teacher training program AND BECOME A CERTIFIED AROMATHERAPIST.

i dove in deeper to learn more about their chemical make up and THERAPEUTIC properties, and it inspired me even more to share their POWERFUL, NATURAL goodness!



Ready to jump in?!

have you also fallen madly in love with essential oils?!

would you like to become a member of my oily tribe?

our community is full of endless resources, EDUCATION, and support. i am truly thankful for the WONDERFUL people i have been blessed to connect with THROUGH THIS JOURNEY.

if you are interested in jumping in, you'll be able to take advantage of BUYING essential oils at wholesale cost BY PURCHASING YOUR PREMIUM STARTER KIT!  THEN you can begin to play and explore with the oils by CREATING your own blendS AND DIFFUSING THEM, SO THAT YOU CAN MORE FULLY EXPERIENCE THEIR MAGIC IN YOUR HOME AND IN YOUR LIFE.

i truly love supportING OTHERS and educatING on THE ENDLESS BENEFITS OF ESSENTIAL oilS, and i would be honored tO HAVE YOU ALONGSIDE ME ON THIS JOURNEY!