at 37 weeks pregnant, i had a session with tiff for some birth support. She incorporated aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, crystals, and guided meditations into our time together. her training as a birth doula really came through as she counseled me through some of my fears about my upcoming delivery. her gentle manner along with her vast knowledge of the birth process helped me to open up in honest conversation about everything: from emotional hang ups, to my fear of crowning, to my nursing concerns. 

after some discussion about what i'd like to see change in my moods, physical body, and certain discomforts i struggle with, she recommended and massaged a few specific oils into pressure points on me. she also gave me a custom blend to help with my SPECIFIC concerns and instructions on where and when to use it.

crystals used for healing is a newer concept to me, but i was open to the EXPERIENCe. tiff explained the name and uses for each stone she placed on me, along with encouraging me to instinctively select a few myself. we finished out my session with some guided meditation/hypnotherapy, again specifically tailored to me. her soft tone helped me to dig deep into my subconscious, and afterwards i felt about 20 pounds lifted from my shoulders, head, and heart. 

i would highly recommend every mama-to-be book a session with tiff. i finished mine feeling fully at ease, rejuvenated, grateful, and empowered to trust the process my body (and mind!) was about to embark upon.


After the birth of my son, i went through a period of severe postpartum depression and anxiety fueled by thoughts of worthlessness and incompetence as a mother. i got in contact with Tiff at one of the lowest points in my life and she immediately brought a sense of peace into my life, even from across the country.

she took the time to listen to me and learn exactly what i needed help with and then sent me a small personalized Package with an oil roller, crystal, and cards with words of affirmation (my love language!) to help me through my darkest days. 

even months later, she's checked on me a few times to see where i am at in my journey and offer more guidance if i need it. she has such a kind, gentle, and peaceful spirit that i will forever be thankful for.


my surrogacy story- Marissa and I have been soul sisters since age 5 - coming and going through our lives, but always bonded like sisters even when apart. I knew when she was having struggles getting pregnant that I needed to help her become a mama. My two pregnancies had been easy enough, and sisters make those sacrifices.

Tiff came to visit us and bring some much needed strength to our birthing process. There is something so wise and natural about her - like she’s been practicing connectedness for centuries. Her voice brings assurance and power to every space she meets.

Tiff created a calm sanctuary where we could explore our birth fears and expectations. She dove into the core of our needs - as two moms in this process, it’s hard to envision the same outcome and support the same set of worries. Tiff allowed us to be fearful and open - to talk about our thoughts without judgment or assumption. Once she could guide us to meditate on the same path, we both felt empowered in our own energy, and the baby even started kicking in agreement!

Tiff’s mix of physical tokens (essential oils, crystals, touch) mixed with her deep wisdom in meditation and hypnotherapy created the surge of love that helped bring this baby into the world. We used her custom blend of oils to help ease labor, and many times recalled her affirming words during the long wait for baby. I am so thankful that we were able to receive Tiff’s wonderful powers during this journey.



before my son's birth, my surrogate (and best friend, Ally) and I had the pleasure of meeting with Tiffany. the work and preparation that went into my son's life was wonderful, but alo stressful at times, with really high anxiety towards the end for both my friend and i. 

during Tiff'S guided meditation, i felt more peace than i had for an entire year. her voice, her tone, her pace, her choice of words, were the perfect combination to completely relax me. her visit put the exact energy i wanted in my son's nursery and i felt all the pressure escape the room when she entered. it was such a special time for my family and my friend, and a really extraordinary situation, i can't recommend her services enough.